Waffle Cake
-Enjoy the four seasons-

It is our key product since R.L foundation which inserted cream and fruit by the waffle baked carefully and softly.
We finished carefully the flavor which materials originally have. We have had in stock colorfully twenty kinds of waffles which are every other month and suited the season.

-Stuff your mouth with seasonal waffles.-

It is a roll cake type waffle with a sheet of waffle which is baked softly.
You can enjoy fruits cut greatly and several kinds of cream sumptuously.
We are particular about the beauty of a section unique to the waffle which is visible when we cut it.

"corocoro" Waffle
-Enjoy the shape.-

It is a cookie type waffle which is baked to a bite-size by a waffle baker.
You can also enjoy the appearance of the shape.
In addition to four kinds, plain, strawberry, chocolate and maple, which are enjoyed by you as standard products, we develop the limited time products.

"KOBE" Waffle
-be particular about materials.-

It is a Liege type waffle of boast of sweetness with a sufficient degree.
In order to make dampish dough, we used the butter and milk from Hokkaido.
Since we knead the large sugar of the grain into dough, a good crunchiness is remained.

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How to make "Waffle"

Products of R.L to make it be particular about manufacturing method and material, and are manufactured in our own factory.(except for some)
Our Waffle is ,softly and moist baked, so unique. Because Using waffle mix powder of R.L original and the special eggs, and we are carefull to changes in humidity, it is temperature different every day.
By that not only sales, planning and product development are carried out consistently in-house from manufacturing.
For this reason, we are able to provide high-quality products at low cost always.
In addition, of course, we strive to provide customers with safe and reliable products in the health management thorough as a company involved in the food.

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The customer's point of view

In stores R.L, welcomes guests in the high-quality hospitality and high-quality products.
All of the staff's mind is always "the customer's point of view".
we continue to pursue happy time, a comfortable space for the customers.
In addition, to express a consistent brand concept, in-house we are creating display of store and magazine.
In order to deliver to customers the thought to waffle unchanged from 1991 R.L was born,
We create everything by ourself - it is also a belief from Shimpo Tetsuya atelier founding.