Welcome to R.L Waffle Cake Shop

About us

Tetsuya Shimpo, the CEO of our company, met waffle when he had learnt architecture in Europe.
In those days, Almost all Japanese had not been familiar to waffle which European had taken as breakfast or dessert in those days.
Therefore, he thought that he would like to spread waffle as the food culture in Japan and established R.L waffle cake shop.
We would like to suggest the life with waffle and to introduce the attractive taste for a lot of people.

About R.L

Our store name pronounced “R.L” by French reading originates in Rene Lalique (1860-1945) who is the glass craftsman in France.
He devised materials and techniques, and succeeded to mass-produce high artistry perfume bottles,
tableware and so on with high quality and to offer them with low price.
As a result, his works spread in people’s lives.
We would like Waffle to permeate people’s lives by offering high quality products with low price.
The waffle of R.L which was hung up the initial of Rene Lalique as a brand name has inherited the soul of his craftsmanship.

R.L Mukonoso

About our shops

We are famous for the waffle cake shop in Japan and the omiyage (souvenir) shop in Kobe.
You can find our shops in many cities in Japan. Some shops are opened at department stores.
Especially, we have opened our shop at Gransta located at the basement floor in Tokyo station, and our cafe at Granroof outside Tokyo station.
Our shops and products had been introduced by many TV programmes, magazines and newspapers.
Our shop received a prize in Rakuten Ichiba sweets/snacks category in first half ranking of 2015, and in the annual ranking of 2014.

R.L Kobe Head Shop

R.L Tokyo Station


R.L Umeda Hankyu

R.L Namba Takashimaya

R.L Nagoya Matsuzakaya

R.L Yokohama

R.L Shinjuku Takashimaya

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waffle cake

It is our staple product. Cream is sanded by soft waffle.
Our shop has many kinds of flavour.
This is a hand size and it represents the attachment for small products which is Japanese mind.

local ingredients

We use Japanese local ingredients like
"maccha" (=green tea) and "azuki" (=red beans) for our products. Therefore, many age groups of customers love our products, because these are not too sweet.


We select the black colour for our package.
After taking the package out from the red bag and opening it, you can find small colourful waffles.
It represents our mind compactly.

The interior of our shops

Japanese design and sense are utilized for the interior of our shops.
For example, the cedar black board, used for the wall of our shops, represents the black wall which had been used for traditional Japanese houses.
In addition, we put our red logo mark on the wall for emphasising the black colour.